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Life With Louella

I'm All Ears

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Here's me and rapidtrabbit marching together in the Easter Parade in New York back in 1993

My Art Noveau Portrait!

Hello! A few of you probably already know me as a regular on "Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends" on the Manahattan cable channel, although it's been many years. You may have followed my adventures living in Lindsay with my good friends Millie DeMillicent, Miles Molecule and Norton and Vivian and their two ducklings, Ramie and Carmicheal.
I am hopelessly addicted to onions, therefore my breath has often been a lethal weapon against bad guys. I especially adore fried onion sundaes for dessert!
I've been in nearly 100 stories on Rapid T. Rabbit's show but when beetlebomb moved to Toronto there was no more time for any new stories, with the exception of my series of comics that were supposed to be published in the Dufferin Dogstar. But alsa, the publication never did see the light of day.
The series was compiled into a comic book which several of beetlebomb's friends including rapidtrabbit andsharonsaralynn have and is available by request at a negotiable fee. This comic book covers our own series of adventures and misadventures of our early days of moving from Lindsay to Toronto and foiling a mad scientist's wicked plans. This comic contains apperances by KIDEO, Doo-Doo the clown, Jeff HIll the magician, Markus and Kayla.
For years Millie and I lived in Toronto where I studied psychology and she studied secretarial skills. Now wwe have a practise together and I have my own radio phone-in show* and I offer people friendly advice. This community will be full of new stories and I offer advice to community members who ask for it.
I am particularly interested in helping clients with Asperger's Syndrome, since beetlebomb and a number of her friends have it and relatively little is still known about it. I want to see my Aspie friends loved, accepted, taken more seriously, treated with more dignity, happy, healthy and meaningfully employed.
It was my new friends Gladys and Edna in _ewetopia_ who suggested I make a comeback by starting my own new community, so here I am!!

Millie and I hanging out in the alley with our pals from _ewetopia_

I Love Riding Merry-Go Rounds...